Important update regarding one of Cruelty Free Consumer's partners - NEAVS (the New England Anti-Vivisection Society)


One of Cruelty Free's partner's, NEAVS,  has entered into a new and very important agreement.  Please read the info below that I borrowed from their website as they explain it best.  Also - please remember that when you purchase your cruelty-free products from Cruelty Free using the following link: -  a portion of your purchase will go back to the NEAVS organization which they will use to move this mission along faster.  The more awareness that is created the sooner we can put an end to animal testing.  NEAVS serves as the U.S. Executive Office for Cruelty-Free International (CFI) whose mission is to put an end to product testing on animals worldwide. Established by the BUAV (British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection), CFI launched on March 15, 2012 from London, Boston and Singapore. This NEAVS/BUAV partnership brings together two of the world’s longest standing and most respected animal protection organizations in a united effort. Dr. Capaldo, NEAVS President, is CFI’s U.S. Executive Officer. CFI places animal testing on the agenda of many governments for the first time. The internationally coordinated campaign runs out of regional hubs of partner countries, like NEAVS in Boston.  CFI works with governments, regulators, companies and partner organizations in its current and primary focus on cosmetic testing.   Over 80% of the world still allows animals for use in cruel experiments. Traditionally, cosmetics have been tested on animals, although in the majority of the world these tests are not specifically required by law. To market a product, a company must demonstrate its safety but this can now be done using approved non-animal tests and combinations of existing ingredients that are established as safe for human use. There is an increasing awareness of the pain and suffering inflicted upon animals for product testing as well as growing pressure to replace out-dated animal tests with superior non-animal methods that are scientifically more valid and relevant to humans. CFI Ambassador, Ricky Gervais, internationally known celebrity and comedian, issued a large-scale call for action throughout the EU, U.S. and Asia. CFI is following these inaugural actions with ongoing events and programs. CFI was established to have a worldwide impact that will benefit animals and humans in today’s global market with its demand for an international trade in consumer products. Its goal is to consign animal testing to history and move forward with better and more humane science. This joint effort of  two organizations more than 100 years old each, positions NEAVS and BUAV to use our solid expertise, experience, relationships and histories to make history by ending the indefensible use of animals in  cosmetic and product testing. NEAVS logo

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