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Hi!  I wanted to update all of the Cruelty Free Consumer Shoppers as to all of the ways we can be reached as well as the various looks for the CFC Bunny!  We worked really hard to come up with the right look for our Bunny and had a wonderful designer who helped to make our Bunny a reality for Cruelty Free last spring... THANK YOU Renee Rodriquez Mueller!!!! CFC's Blog Offers reviews on favorite products and the occasional motivational thought!        

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Passionately created in 2007 and mindfully launched in 2011!!

        CFC's Facebook Logo Become a fan and learn why shopping cruelty free is so important while discovering and supporting the broad range of companies who are cruelty-free! JK-FB-Bunny                       CFC's Twitter Logo @crultyfreconsmr JK-Twitter-icon                 CFC's packaging label and vinyl "bumper" sticker. Email us and we'll send you one ALONG with one of the samples we have on hand for you to try out! JK-Final-Logo (2) jpg  

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