Cruelty Free to business!


It's back to business in 2013 for Cruelty Free  The kids are a bit older now  so I can better balance them and my passion to putting an end to animal testing. Cruelty Free Consumer's hope for 2013 is to end all animal testing.  Unfortunately, it won't happen overnight so I have put together a few things people can do to make this happen. First, we need to spread the word about animal testing; what it is, why it is still happening, which companies still do it and the alternatives out there. While I will be blogging and using social media much more frequently to reach as many people as I can,  I will also be working on the retail website, to add as many new brands and products as I can.  The goal is to make shopping cruelty-free easy and convenient  by offering as many choices as possible in one place.  I know I love being able to get all of my personal care products from one place! We are excited to continue working with Leaping, which is the coalition that certifies companies  as truly cruelty-free.  To date, Leaping Bunny has certified 444 companies!!! Cruelty Free Consumer's goal is to be THE website where you can purchase any and all of these brands! We have 25 so far... and have along way to go, but it's  been a  very exciting journey and I am meeting many wonderful and passionate people who have started their companies out of their love for animals and doing the right thing! I hope  to meet many,  many more! Again, aside from educating people via social media, shopping cruelty free supports companies that do the right thing.  We have partnered with a number of organizations as affiliates, so that if you're on their home page and shopping, click on the Cruelty Free banner ad and these affiliates will get credit... or a portion of sales donated back to them.  That means the organization will receive  money so they can decide how best to use these funds to continue the fight to end animal testing. Please email me if you would like more information on alternatives to animal testing, companies that are cruelty-free, or if you you like to see your brand on Cruelty Free Enjoy the day!

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