Dog Biscuits


kirk family picture edit I am working on blogging more.... there is so much to talk about in the world of cruelty-free brands and products.  There is always something that moves people.  There is always updated  information as to what companies are doing to stay relevant to their loyal cruelty-free consumers.  Unfortunately, sad and tragic events happen that need to be recognized so changes can be made.  It is my opinion that we need to find a way  to reach out to people who may choose to look the other way because it's easier.  Wow.  I said it.  To my original point, I am working on blogging more to talk about positive changes that can be made everyday by anyone and everyone.  The way I see it, educating people and persuading them to make small and simple changes in everyday life will have a direct impact on companies and their practices.  Companies respond to many things. If we as consumers don't buy their products because they have not yet been certitifed as a Leaping Bunny company, there is a potential impact on their financial future.  My mission is direct people to companies that do the right thing and therefore these companies will be rewarded with loyal customers.  The companies that choose to not conduct any sort of animal testing are the ones I feel, should be recognized.  Until EVERYONE shops from cruelty-free companies, some days will be better than others for animals. Thank you to all of the passionate people that do what they can to help them.  I dream of everyday being wonderful for all animals! keep it light, here is my true story that I thought was funny....last week, I reached into my coat pocket looking for my car keys in the cold and couldn't find them.... instead all I found, in both pockets were dog biscuits... I had to laugh. Out loud.  In both pockets I had dog biscuits!  One was whole and the other was in pieces.  It's the simple things sometimes! I thought that the perfect picture for my story would be the painting done for me of my beloved pets... Teddy, Bernie, Oscar and Louie!  (My very thoughtful husband surprised me with this gift!) I'd love for you to share your funny stories... there's nothing like a cute animal story  to make you laugh and to bring a smile, so again, please share! This portrait was done by a local artist... if anyone wants her info... let me know! Enjoy the day!

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