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brown lop bunny"Be Active for Animals",  AAVS.   Cruelty Free Consumer's goal is to always look at the positive outcomes and the work that has been accomplished  when talking about animal testing and putting an end to it.  It's  not a positive subject BUT thankfully many organizations and people within these organizations, as well as individuals and companies, work everyday to end the suffering of animals.Cruelty Free Consumer spoke with Chris Derer of the American Anti-Vivisection Society (AAVS) this week about some of the issues that concern them right now and they are working on to make changes.   I invite you to learn more about who they are, what THEY are doing in the mission and what YOU can do to help. Please visit  Here you can learn about:
  • Helping animals that have been rescued from labs.
  • The AAVS's campaigns, programs and laws.
  • Animal Research, Animals in Education and ALTERATIVES.
You can also:
  • Take action on a number of important campaigns and see THE VICTORIES!!!! (Including over 100 Chimpanzees that have been Guaranteed Sanctuary!)
  • Stay informed by signing up to get e-news and action alerts along with receiving Auntie Viv's next blog post.
  • Make a donation
  • Shop Compassionately/Cruelty Free by clicked on this link:  It's long, I know, but when you click here, you are directed to Cruelty Free and every time you shop this way... WE MAKE A DONATION TO THE AAVS!!! The American Anti-Vivisection Society and Cruelty Free have been working together since our launch in Summer 2011.   We are proud to be associated with them and the work they do. Enjoy the Day! chimp

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