The Challenge


mouse with bearGood evening, Cruelty Free Consumers.  Here is the challenge that I have been thinking about.  How can I persuade people to think, I mean really think about what they are buying and using without sharing some cold hard facts  and unfortunately, sad stories about the animals that suffer unnecessarily?    There is such a delicate balance between explaining what is happening to get people to open up their hearts and minds to make changes.  I never wanted this site/blog/facebook to bring people down, instead I want to motivate people to make the commitment...( it's small to us, huge to the animals) to change what products you are buying.  Here's another challenge...Start with one product you use everyday, shampoo or toothpaste for example, or take it a step further to say I'm going to change all of my shower/ bath products and switch to a cruelty free brand.  Not sure which brands are cruelty free?  We have made it easy for you.  All of the brands sold at Cruelty Free are certified by the Leaping Bunny program.  (Currently, we offer over 25 brands and add more all of the time.  To see a full list visit, Cruelty Free was designed by me to talk about AND OFFER different brands all on one site.  Here everyone can discover for themselves the wonderful options available, and as you discover new favorites along the way, you can (and should be!) telling as many people as possible!  My goal with this site is to make shopping cruelty free easy and convenient.  We have partnered with many organizations that will receive a portion of sales back to their organizations.  When Cruelty Free generates revenue, we can then give back to these organizations that have the power to make a difference.  Some examples are Leaping, NEAVS,  AAVS,  MSPCA, The Animal Alliance of Canada and the HSUS. Everyday, it's my goal to do something that helps animals and I believe that  Cruelty Free Consumer .com can and will do just that. To me,  it's such a fine line to deliver a message that is impactful enough to motivate people to make a change yet, not use scare tactics or images that will turn them off.  You can count on Cruelty Free to be positive while bringing to light the changes that we as consumers have made and can continue to make if we vote with our dollars and purchase products from companies that don't test their products on animals. I want to hear your opinions and thoughts!  Share with me what and why you made the decision to be a cruelty free consumer, or what you plan on doing tomorrow!

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