Changing Seasons, Welcoming Change and what bee's do...according to a 4 year old

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[caption id="attachment_414" align="alignright" width="490"]"Look Mommy! The bee is pollinating!" "Look Mommy! The bee is pollinating!"[/caption] Happy Monday! We enjoyed a beautiful fall Saturday this weekend in Michigan!  We were able to watch Tigers Baseball, take part in the neighborhood cleanup and enjoy a tour of our local nature center... whew... busy, but fun. We also experienced... "Look mommy!  The bee is pollinating!" It's nice seeing the addition of colorful mums to the yard.  It's also a sad reminder that summer is over when we're cleaning up beds and pulling out watermelon, pepper, tomato and zucchini plants. It offers a good lesson for me as well as the girls though and it's always a treasure to see what "just grows overnight". (ahh, the magic of being a kid!)  Well, we know what to plant next year! So, being that it's now fall and a time for change....Cruelty Free Consumer's making a small and fun change too! Starting this month, we will be hosting guest bloggers.  We have a few lined up already from some of our favorite cruelty free companies and organizations.  This also means.... along with great information, product reviews and industry news, we will have gift certificates and sample giveaways! We are excited and hope you are too. AND...If you have not heard this yet.... We'll say it again because we are thrilled to see this happen... It's our goal to be the largest online retailer of certified cruelty free products.  We are certainly on our way and in addition to being able to offer all of these brands in one place.... Cruelty Free Consumer can and will give financially back to animal organizations. Tell us... who would you like to hear from and what kinds of products would you like us to review and maybe even give away? Enjoy the Day Cruelty Free Consumers!

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