Oh Baby!.... (and mom!) Guest blogger from Belly Buttons & Babies featured.

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20131016-141608.jpgOur good friend, Fran Loudas, Founder of Belly Buttons & Babies™, has agreed to be one of our first guest bloggers for our new blog series in which we talk to CEO's, Founders and Influencers of Cruelty Free Companies. (Thank you, Fran!) It was a spring afternoon in 2010, when my newborn was "napping" that I had the pleasure of speaking with Fran about partnering up together, and having the Belly Buttons & Babies brand join Cruelty Free Consumer.  I remember it well!  Not only was I excited that BBB was a certified cruelty free company..... But Fran was a mom too! (Good for me so she would understand when I had to cut our conversation short...as my sweet precious (cat!) napping baby just woke up and needed some attention and love!) Belly Buttons & Babies has earned many awards over the years and they offer tremendous products for both mom and baby!  Enjoy her post! Belly Buttons & Babies makes products for mothers and babies that are produced exclusively from plants and vegetable oils and contain no petroleum by-products or parabens. They are superbly blended and incredibly versatile dual-use products that are extremely safe for mom, baby and the whole family. Belly Buttons & Babies™ understands that baby's skin is softer than adults and does not have the same barrier functions as adult skin. Hence our formulations must be mild, yet effective. By using ingredients that are well known to be beneficial to baby's skin we have developed what we strongly believe to be the purest, safest and most effective baby skincare range available today. Keeping babies natural and chemical-free is our goal. Natural products from Belly Buttons & Babies soothe delicate skin, are made to heal and protect. Our products are pure and gentle on skin. Luxurious oils and certified organic herbs nurture, while remaining free of the preservatives, artificial fragrances and dyes commonly found in body care products. • Our promise to you is to bring products that inspire you by being better to yourself. • Our products care for your skin and your overall well-being. • Our products are cruelty-free, do not contain additives or artificial colour, are paraben and sulfate free and are made with the most powerful natural, organic and wild crafted ingredients. If you can't find it in nature, you won't find it in our products. Our Philosophy is simple: Research, test and refine our products. Our promise to you is to bring products that inspire you by being better to yourself. Our products care for your skin and your overall well-being. We value consumer input and we take that into account when creating our products. At Belly Buttons & Babies™, we believe that true beauty comes from within. That's why we strive to make it simple and affordable for you to nourish yours and your baby's skin daily with the best nature has to offer. All of our products are carefully researched and developed to ensure only the finest, most effective botanically based formulas are used. Again, thank you , Fran! We hope you'll like their products as much as we do (and our children!) Visit Cruelty Free Consumer throughout the month of October and receive 10% off your Belly Buttons & Babies order. (At checkout enter code OCT2013Blog) Enjoy the Day! 20131016-141655.jpg 20131016-141618.jpg

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