Best! Shower! Ever!

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[caption id="attachment_450" align="aligncenter" width="150"]Win This! Win This![/caption] I've been trying to blog more... but it's hard just to write without something important to say. Then it hit me when I was taking a shower.... "I love this face scrub I am using! It feels amazing! This really is waking me up and helping me to feel ready for the day ahead! This is something I can blog about!" This all happened a few weeks back and was the reason I reached out to our friends at Living Clay and asked them to help out as we were going to be launching a guest blog series. Here's an Introduction to Living Clay.... "Have you had your clay today? Hi, I am Perry A~, author of Living Clay: Nature’s Own Miracle Cure and founder of The Living Clay Company. We are proud to provide certified cruelty-free products that not only are unique, but are also as safe for you as they are for our environment. Our all-natural, paraben-free wellness products have the added enrichment of our premier Living Clay® Detox Clay Powder. This unique combination makes magical creams and lotions that treat your skin to around-the-clock moisture, leaving you with a velvety softness that lasts all day. The Rejuvenation Face Cream and Wrinkle Release Cream are blends of Living Clay® and all-natural plant extracts that fluff out and smooth lines while softening your skin and uncovering its fresh and natural beauty. The Body Creams and Lotions leave you with skin you love to touch. The Face and Body Scrub is popular for its deep cleansing, gentle exfoliation and the revitalizing, refreshing zest it adds to your experience. Here is what one customer says about it: "Your Face and Body Scrub is the best I've ever found! I can't see ever using anything else...ever!!! Thanks!" - Becky D. The handmade cold process soaps are made using only the finest organic olive, coconut and palm oils, herbs, pure essential oils, sea salt, and Calcium Bentonite Clay. WARNING!!! These soaps are ADDICTIVE. You will never want a bar of traditionally manufactured soap again. For a spa experience, give yourself a twenty-minute facial with the Cleansing Clay Mask. It tightens, cleanses, and leaves your skin baby soft and glowing with youthfulness. When applied three times a week, don’t be surprised if your friends soon begin to think you have been receiving Botox treatments. Our premier product is the Living Clay® Detox Clay Powder, a multi-use, super-charged volcanic ash so pure that you can eat it. It alkalizes, detoxes and stimulates. For more uses and information go to . If you have never had a clay bath, you are in for a treat. "OH.......MY GOD! I just did my first clay bath and it was SO GREAT!!! I feel like a million bucks!” - Lizabeth E. You can now purchase Living Clay® products, along with other fantastic certified “cruelty-free” product lines, at . Enjoy!" Thank you, Perry! Oh yeah....the product that made for the best shower ever...?  Living Clay's Face & Body Scrub! Living Clay has been good enough to offer us a fantastic set to give away.... their signature Sample Kit".  It's Awesome! We'd like to send it to you!  All we are asking to win this giveaway is why do you want it?! You have until November 2nd to get on Facebook and tell us why! Enjoy the day and be watching for CFC's Deal of the Day for special pricing on Living Clay products! (Starter Kit - Introduce your friends to our Calcium Bentonite Clay with this wonderful gift bag!) Starter Kit Includes: 1 - 4 oz Cleansing Clay Mask 1 - 8 oz Detox Clay Powder 1 - Living Clay Book 1 - Travel Bar Soap 1 - Sample Size Rejuvenation Face Cream 1 - Sample Size Body Cream A retail value of $51.95, but you pay only $39.95!

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