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[caption id="attachment_460" align="aligncenter" width="490"]"Look Mom! I made it for you!  It's pink!" "Look Mom! I made it for you! It's pink!"[/caption] All I can say is...I'm glad that cruelty free products aren't expensive... or don't have to be..... My four year old daughter reminded me of that just over the weekend.  Yep...My darling mixed all of my scrubs in the shower. This real life story happened early Sunday morning and made me happy for that!  She said "Look mom!  It's pink!"  As I see her little hand coming out of the shower holding something.... "I made it for you... It's your favorite color!" Whew.... Never expected that first thing in the morning! I thought oh no.... She couldn't have.... No, please, don't tell me....yep... She mixed my products!  My lovebug was so excited to show me her creation ....I just had to smile and laugh to myself.  I want her to be kind and thoughtful... and in her mind, was she ever!... She was so proud of herself and talked about it all day! She had concocted a mixture of , Giovanni Mint Lemonade Cooling Salt Scrub, Body Shops Mango Scrub, Bulldog Shave Cream, and several others! Wow! I'm just glad not all of my stuff was in there! But, as I have been thinking about blogging and things to write about..... I have to give a lot of credit to a very imaginative, very fun and very energetic girl, my daughter, who has given me great and real "material!" Thanks for the inspiration, "Maggie"! So, the point after all of this.... Cruelty free products do not have to be expensive! There is a misconception that being a Cruelty Free Consumer and only using products that have not been tested on animals means spending extra money.  THAT IS NOT THE CASE. Cruelty Free Consumer sells over 30 brands and there are over 500+ brands certified by Leaping Bunny.... Thousands of choices exist from inexpensive to higher end. It's up to you what products work best.

Just like wine... You can get a great find at a great price!

Thanks to my daughter, too, for her contribution with yet another story!   Now  I know, that in addition to being a cruelty free consumer..... I might be.... well, I am...A cruelty free mama too!

What products do you love at various price points and, of course,... Why? Let us know!

Don't forget  that now through November 2nd, log on to our Facebook page (Cruelty Free Consumer) for a chance to win Living Clays' Starter Kit! ($40 value!)

Enjoy the day!

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