Jewelry, Tea and Cruelty Free!

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jewelry tea cruelty freeHello Day! If you didn't happen to catch my FB or  Twitter post on Friday, I announced that I will be having my FIRST Cruelty Free Party on Tuesday.  I'm pretty excited to share with my circle of friends and their friends what Cruelty Free Consumer is all about. (Yes, I asked to tag along or rather invited myself to join in on the party my neighbors are hosting.  "South Hill Designs - Lockets with Louise"  and "Steeped'' Tea will be featured!  Everyone loves a reason to gather , right so I thought why not!  anyways... People ask all of the time what I do and what exactly is Cruelty Free, so here is my chance to not just talk about it...  but actually have people see and sample  some of the brands we sell.  We'll have samples and testers and products available for purchase!  More specifically, we'll have 18 Cruelty Free Brands on hand and 0ver 60 products on Tuesday for purchase. *In addition to sharing the Cruelty Free Consumer story, we will make a donation to the local pet food bank based on sales from the evening.* I believe so passionately about what we are creating through this company and the changes we hope to make and contribute back ... for the animals. I am also optimistic that once people learn how they can make conscientious purchase decisions they will continue doing so .  I also think that once consumers know how easy it is to locate these products and the range of what is offered... we will see  a positive impact for animals. At last... (almost!) ... it's important to address 2 misconceptions.... 1. Not all cruelty free products are expensive  AND 2. The number of options that are available for anything beauty, anything baby, anything home and pet is  incredible!  Cruelty Free Consumer  sells over 30 Cruetly Free Brands and HUNDREDS of PRODUCTS! OK,  now lastly....Customized Cruelty Free Consumer gift baskets!  We offer them and will create something special and unique for you! What can we help you put together for the special people in your life?!  Email  us so we can get started on your customized gifts! Some ideas... "mom-to-be", "mom and baby", "pet parent", "holiday stress buster basket", "teacher", "caregiver' etc!... Maybe even mom-to-be's First Christmas (Holiday), mom and baby's first Holiday... you get the picture! Enjoy the Day! Julie

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