The Goodbye.

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[caption id="attachment_479" align="aligncenter" width="490"]Louie "Long Arms" Louie "Long Arms"[/caption] Friday was a regular day except my husband was home and we had a babysitter... So we went out to run errands....we came home and he came up to me and said you should see the cat...He's acting funny. Louie is my 14 year old tuxedo kitty and so yes, at about 4:30pm, I saw it too and he was having what I guess was a seizure. It had never happened before. I have thought about what would happen and what I would do when my pets got old or sick...what decision would I make?   I have also thought it would not be fair to keep them alive if they were in pain... But I am not how do I know if they are in pain or not?? My Louie, aka, "Louie love bug","Louie long arms" and "Lou-Lou" passed on Friday night.  He had seizure after seizure between 4:30pm and 6pm. I made my mind up that after the first one, I would let him rest and re-evaluate in the morning but when I checked on him in his favorite spot.... I knew it was his time. I am so sad because he was my buddy for over 14 years. That is a lot of time for creating memories. Over the last few months, he sat with me at night and also jumped up in to bed with me.  Silly to some, but I love that cat and I am missing his presence, there is a definite void in the house. The crazier thing.... Or not.... Is how Teddy and Bernie, (our dogs) especially Bernie, is reacting. Bernie knows his buddy is not here and that is so sad to me too. Bernie is just moping around. Do animals have feelings? You bet and this is just another example of just how much they do feel. I keep thinking I'm going to see him at the top of my stairs.  I keep forgetting that I don't need to go downstairs at night to clean litter and check his food and water. I knew the time would come, I just didn't expect it on Friday and I didn't think it would happen so incredibly fast.  In fact, I bought food for him just the day before. I do believe he didn't suffer.... And for that I am glad for him.... but sad for me, my family and my other pets who all miss him. Louie was spunky and quirky and had such soulful eyes... he looked like he was so young still, his fur was beautiful and soft. He had a good life. I just can't believe how fast he went. I miss him but as my daughters said good bye to him as I left for the vet with him wrapped in my favorite sweatshirt, "Lilly" said, "mommy, don't be sad, God will take good care of him just like he takes care of the other kitties". Oh, the words and thoughts of a 4 year old. Again. And as for the  2 year old.... her contribution every time we see a black and white kitty..."ohh, Louie, sad", followed by her sad face. The loss of a pet is such a sad time... it has been 3 weeks and I still think I see him in the house. We love you Louie and we miss you!  Thank you for the wonderful memories! We have decided that we will make a contribution in Louie's name to the ASPCA.  It is our hope that it will help other animals live betters lives. I'm curious to learn if you have made a decision to make a contribution to an organization in your pets name,and  if so, who.  Or if you have done something else in the memory of your beloved pet. Louie and his brother, Oscar as kittens

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