"A love of animals is a requirement"

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  [caption id="attachment_581" align="aligncenter" width="150"]New Brand!  Makeup coming soon! New Brand! Makeup coming soon![/caption] So Monday comes and goes... Tuesday comes (Lost power...ugh!) and goes....(still no power!)  and now it's Wednesday night... YET... We are still happy to post this weeks blog... from Gourmet Body Treats~  I discovered this Leaping Bunny company awhile back and now am thrilled to make the "formal" introduction and announcement that CFC is now carrying this amazing brand and their products.... MAKEUP INCLUDED!!!  So on to the blog from our friend, Waleska of GMT! Gourmet Body Treats is a family run cruelty free cosmetics company. Every product we make is 100% vegan, never tested on animals, and are all created to have the absolute lowest environmental impact possible. Gourmet Body Treats has one simple goal – create effective skincare and cosmetics while also putting common sense ethics at the forefront of our decision making, at all levels of ingredients sourcing, production, and packaging. Gourmet Body Treats is dedicated to the same 3 principles our company was founded on almost 10 years ago. 1. Always be natural and organic. In today's world people are pretty jaded with the term “natural”. It doesn’t mean anything to the FDA, but it means a lot to us. The owners of GBT (Gourmet Body Treats) spend close to 40% of every dollar traveling to the farms that we source our ingredients from ensuring that the growing practices reflect the term natural. That means that we never use pesticides and we have a chance to visibly check the that working conditions at each grower are acceptable. 2. Always work with ingredients that are grown by people who are paid a living wage, in conditions that are not dangerous or unhealthy. We believe in the tenets of Fair Trade business, but don't rely on anyone but ourselves to ensure that the term applies to our company. We are members of several Fair Trade Associations, but in recent months these associations have come under scrutiny. That's why we've always believed it important to have feet on the ground checking that if we claim our product is Fair Trade, it stands up to the test. Always source ingredients from local farmers whenever possible. We work with small family farms, and the majority of our ingredients come from Texas, where our company is based. We visit our farms regularly, and have a great relationship with them! That means ingredients are fresher & the product is better as a result. Many of them can’t afford the USDA Organic Certification, and our packaging reflects that, but please know that all of our ingredients are the highest quality available! 3. Always remain Vegan, and never test on animals. Not everyone who works for us is vegan, but a love of animals is a requirement. We never use any ingredients that contain or are sourced from animals or insects such as beeswax, honey, lanolin, carmine, etc. There are billions of plant types in the world, and all of them have a purpose. Why use an ingredient that might hurt an animal or bug when you don’t have to! In addition to this we never test on animals. “Volunteer” is one of our most prized positions here at Gourmet Body Treats, and we have people clamoring for a chance to try our newest products! All of our products are 100% vegan and manufactured on site fresh daily from our hands to yours. Our customers love our products because they are safe to use on sensitive skin types and are effective. We’re popular with a wide variety of people for a number of reasons. Many of our customers are cancer survivors, and literally can not use anything else. It’s a big responsibility to deliver quality products that are safe for these people to use, so we take it very seriously.   Thank you so much Gourmet Body Treats.  Again, we are so excited to have you join Cruelty Free Consumer.com.... another fantastic addition!   Be watching our social media pages for the GBT giveaway next week and details on how to enter!  I personally can't wait to get my hands on their Brown Sugar Coffee Scrub!   REMEMBER...USE THESE CODES WHEN CHECKING OUT AT www.crueltyfreeconsumer.com: FREE SHIP with orders over $50 3.95SHIP on orders under $50. Enjoy the day and please do your part so the animals can enjoy theirs!   Jules  

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