Naturally Fun Products...A lip treat unlike any other.... Crazy Rumors!

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[caption id="attachment_586" align="aligncenter" width="150"]crazy rumors july 2014 Lip Balms![/caption]   Crazy Rumors.... Is one of the first companies we started working with in 2011! We are so happy to be partnered with this amazing brand.... they are fun and offer a fantastic product... (As it says in their tagline... naturally fun products!) Fun for my girls too as they are always wanting to try the latest "Flavor' ... the biggest challenge is teaching a 2.5 year old not to roll it (the lip balm) all the way up!  Oh... the lessons!!!! So yes...Crazy Rumors is our featured company this week! Learn about them and what they do for the animals as well! You'll find them at They also have received tons of national media & press coverage! Here we go! Thanks to Edie for her story contribution below to our blog!!! "Crazy Rumors was a concept my husband Brian and I came up with while hanging out in a local coffee/tea house what seemed like ages ago (2003). We loved the look and feel it evoked, and thought how much fun it would be to take these elements and incorporate them into an awesome product! That was the birth of our first babies (before the kitties) Perk and Brew - our coffee and tea flavored lip balms! Did you know before making our first batch of balms, we experimented with soap making. It was a bit messy, but the Tangerine Oatmeal soap was just awesome! Maybe we'll try it again one day! :) The love of our packaging, branding and design, and of course formulation and flavoring is why our customers keep coming back for more! Our products are unique by incorporating fun and fresh into the natural realm. Today, we have grown from 12 flavors to over 40! Some of our awesomely unique flavors include: Sweet Thai Tea, Red Velvet Cake and even a vegan Honey (we call Bee My Honey) We even have a beautiful line of Hawaiian inspired line of lip colors! Our high quality, super moisturizing ingredients make our products fabulous. We only use the best of the best plant based all natural, non - GMO and vegan ingredients. We've had the same customers carry our products since day one, and we're super proud of it! Thanks for checking us out! (Smooches! Edie & Brian)" Edie, Brian thank you again for your partnership! We are so thrilled to be able to offer the Crazy Rumors brand to our Cruelty Free Consumers! Oh by the way... since we know all of you are following us... you can probably assume what comes next... YES!  A  Crazy Rumors giveaway!  Watch next week for details! REMEMBER…USE THESE CODES WHEN CHECKING OUT AT FREE SHIP with orders over $50 3.95SHIP on orders under $50. Enjoy the day and please do your part so the animals can enjoy theirs! Jules

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