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[caption id="attachment_679" align="alignleft" width="200"]030 Julie Kirk with doggie, Bernie and kitten, Maxie "Wa-Wa".[/caption] I am a wife.  A mother.  An animal lover. I am a business owner and (a blogger in the making).  I left a corporate job in 2011 to be at home with my daughter and the 2nd one which was on the way. (Yet...Bills still need to be paid, right?) AND, I AM A CRUELTY FREE CONSUMER. In short, 2006.... Life happens and things get real, and you start looking at things differently and in a more compassionate way.... it was in the summer of this year that I decided to entirely stop using products that were tested on animals. It was hard to find these certified brands. So....Fast forward... Cruelty Free Consumer was born. Why?  Because I thought that perhaps, I could provide a service for people looking for the same things. Compassionate, Cruelty free Shopping. Notebooks and million of scratch pieces of paper later....I came up with our name - Cruelty Free Consumer. Our logo was created, the blog was launched, Facebook was up and I had 20 companies ready to work with me once we launched our retail site. September 2011.... Cruelty Free was official.  CFC was  launched.  We are a retail website that is dedicated to only selling Leaping Bunny certified brands. That is our niche. Our "North Star". Cruelty Free is my business because I believe in helping animals and helping consumers find, locate and purchase certified cruelty free (or not tested on animals) products and brands.  You see, when you use/buy cruelty free products, you are helping animals.  Why?  It's simple.  When you use/buy cruelty free brands, you are telling those brands you support what they do. How?  Sales revenue.  On the flip side, if you stop purchasing brand "x" who does conduct testing.... they will start to see a drop in sales and the goal is for them to take a long hard look at what their practices are.  The goal is to end unnecessary animal testing. Until then, purchase from companies who don't test on animals....*** I promise you will discover some fantastic products!!!!**** I hope that as moms, dads, daughters, sons, animals lovers, gardeners, bloggers, nature enthusiasts etc. etc, etc! you will look to our company to shop for cruelty free brands.  (You won't ever see graphic images). We are a local company and we are growing!  We now offer over 50 National Brands and are always adding more! Join me on this journey.  I look forward to helping you choose the best cruelty free products/brands for you, your children, your pets and your home! Welcome 2015. Sincerely, Julie FREESHIP on orders over $50 and 3.95SHIP on orders under.

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