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a pinch of this and pinch of that...

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All I can say is...I'm glad that cruelty free products aren't expensive... or don't have to be..... My four year old daughter reminded me of that just over the weekend. Yep...My darling mixed all of my scrubs in the shower.

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Best! Shower! Ever!

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I've been trying to blog more... but it's hard just to write without something important to say. Then it hit me when I was taking a shower.... "I love this face scrub I am using! It feels amazing! This really is waking me up and helping me to feel ready for the day ahead! This is something I can blog about!"

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Next Cruelty Free Brand to be added

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I want to hear about your favorite Cruelty Free product and tell me why!  What Leaping Bunny certified brand do you want us to add next to Cruelty Free  To date, Leaping Bunny has certified over 444 companies! We want to be the place you can purchase any of these brands and we are working hard to make that happen!  Coming soon...By Valenti Organics and Bulldog Natural Skincare! Contact me.  Receive 25% off next order.

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