Meet Alaska Glacial Essentials!

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Welcoming our newest brand... Alaska Glacial Essentials! 

We recently reached out to Lauren Padawer, entrepreneur, activist, beauty minimalist and Founder of Alaska Glacial Essentials to invite her to join us and other Leaping Bunny Certified Brands at Cruelty Free!  We love her story, passion and journey and learning of how she came to launch her brand.  In her words, "I wanted to play in the mud!"


".. We are born high in the mountains where ice grinds rocks into dust, where minerals are carried to the sea in great abundance, and where the elements supply the fundamental building blocks to sustain a beautifully wild ecosystem.  Our home is Alaska.  We are Alaska Glacial Essentials. We live at the source and we are sustained by the source."

Lauren Padawer, Founder, started making skin care products in 2006 after she took a life-changing rafting trip down the majestic Copper River.  The luxurious buttery mineral-rich mud on the banks of the Copper River inspired a line of purifying glacial facial masks and handmade glacial clay soap bars.


"We are located in Cordova, Alaska, a wild and remote coastal community surrounded by glaciers, mountains, ocean and the Copper River Delta, the largest contiguous wetland on the Pacific coast of North America.  Here at Alaska Glacial, we are driven by a passion for natural beauty and the deep spiritual connection between life in Alaska and protecting the bounty of our rich resources through preservation of wild intact ecosystems. Our products are for every adult who loves adventure and wants effective and safe skin care solutions based in innovation, science and sustainable ethical beauty practices".  

Wow! Inspiring.... We'd love to visit!  But until we do.... we will have to be transported to Alaska Via Alaska Glacier Essentials!


"We never test on animals and our 10% GIVING BACK philanthropy program supports Alaska nonprofits that love, work and fight for wild salmon wilderness preservation, habitat restoration, watershed education and sustainable community development", Lauren Padawer.

Be on the watch for a wonderful gift with purchase this weekend!