The Simple Things

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So I'm back to the blog.....and yes, we are relaunching Cruelty Free This decision goes back to the Fall when we realized that we still have a very good group of friends that follow and engage with us on social media.   

and here we go......what's the topic... well that's easy........

Despite everything happening around us, I am so thankful to have this time with my family.  The things we are learning about each other and the things we are learning about the world have lead to so many meaningful and moving conversations.

Who would’ve thought clubs, chalk, cheddar bay biscuits-homemade of course and books signed and dated by great grandmothers and aunts from the late 70's would be what my kids have been drawn to and super excited about.

We are obviously in a very unprecedented time and it's up to us what we do and what we choose to make of it right now.  My family is looking forward to the Easter Celebration this year as always but this year.... it's not just the Easter Bunny but talking about things that really, truly matter.

We've talked in length with our 2nd grade daughter who is anxious and disappointed about missing her First Communion ... We love her religion teacher who reminded us all that "it’s a matter of "when" not "if". 

Our oldest daughter has talked about missing events that she was looking forward to as a 5th grader.....Fifth grade camp, Dress up as your favorite book character day and "the big talk" that you have as fifth graders. (Although she didn't remind me.... I remembered)

Opportunities.... it's how you have to look at it...... right?!?!

I am, as my girls' mom, able to do these things with them!  Yes, I GET to have these experiences with them!  And although I love their school, I feel so fortunate and blessed myself to be able to have my girls here at this time, here with us.

As a family, we've discovered music that they love and movies from the 80's! How fun.... favorites of mine and my husbands - how about that for two different perspectives!  The crazy thing is the things that we usually like to do as a family, puzzles and Legos haven’t even been touched yet… We have been really busy writing letters to their teachers and relatives that we haven’t talked to in a long time.  The girl's have been able to tell them what we’ve been up to and the best part is aside from learning how to address an envelope is the kids are excited to get mail .  AND THEY ARE LEARNING ABOUT IMPORTANT THINGS......THE SIMPLE THINGS.


Enjoy this time whatever your situation.  It's a time to reflect and grow in ways you might not have known possible.

Enjoy the day.


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