About Us.....



Welcome to Cruelty Free Consumer.com!      

I'm Julie Kirk and in 2006 my journey began.

I was looking at the back of a bottle of shampoo that read something similar to....finished product not tested on animals. What in the world did that mean?  My "Journey" started without me really even knowing it was a journey, and quickly it turned into an obsession, lifestyle and now an ongoing mission... on becoming what I call myself a Cruelty Free Consumer.  I then discovered the Leaping Bunny Coalition and carried with me their "compassionate shopping guide" which was very helpful....  But, quickly found that to get everything I needed for my household that was truly Cruelty Free, I would have to go to more than one store... (who needs that, right?!)  I started talking to Leaping Bunny and several of their Cruelty Free Partners and decided, I might be on to something....Cruelty Free Consumer.com was officially launched in September 2011.

The Cruelty Free Consumer brand only sells Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty Free Brands.

You won't ever see graphic images on this site.  We believe we can make positive changes in the way people shop and persuade or influence purchase decisions without negativity.

Our goal, our North Star, if you will, is to promote brands, products and companies who we believe "do the right thing".  We are going to introduce our Consumers to new companies as well as companies you may already be familiar with.

We are located in Michigan between two great Universities: East Lansing, (Go Green!) and Ann Arbor, (Go Blue!).

I am a mom to two daughters, (so we've tried lots of baby and kid products!), have 2 dogs, a cat and now a turtle!

The kids, the pets, the ongoing house work, the company and my gardening addiction (or obsession!) keeps us busy and having fun!

We hope you enjoy the site and the fun of finding new, great Cruelty Free Products!

We welcome feedback and love emails! If you know of a company that should be included that has the Leaping Bunny Certification.....        Email us!