How to shop at CFC

What can you expect to find when shopping at CFC?

Tons of amazing Leaping Bunny Certified Brands* and Products! *Not tested on animals*

We have been talking with many companies ....both on the larger size AND some of the up and coming, or indie brands... (so exciting to hear what they are doing!)... you never know what you will discover or what just might become your new favorite!

As we are relaunching our shopping experience at CFC, we are working hard to get as many of the 1700+ Leaping Bunny Certified brands represented on one website to make One-Stop, Cruelty Free shopping simple. You will notice when you click on a brand it will take you directly to the company itself.  A little different perhaps, but we are super excited about this so you’ll get the full experience of each brand. We are here if you ever have questions..... these companies are our  friends so we can be the liaison for quick answers or products suggestions!

We want to help and we’ve got the relationships to do so!

Check back often for promotions, industry news and updates, uplifting stories and to see what new brands are being offered.

You may have noticed some companies use negative images to manipulate buying behavior.  Here  at CFC, we all know why we’re here.  Our love of animals unites us.  Please know we won’t put you through those kind of emotional sales tactics...It’s just not the way we want you to become a CF Consumer. Just goodness, kindness with some education and smiles along the way.

We hope to have a program in place soon where a portion of each sale will be dedicated to help animals.  There are so many ways to do this, so we will keep you updated!