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Moroccan Coffee Eye Cream™
Moroccan Coffee Eye Cream™

Moroccan Coffee Eye Cream™

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Athar'a Pure Moroccan Coffee Eye Cream ™ 

100% Natural, Organic, Cruelty Free and Vegan. There is nothing but good stuff in this best selling under eye cream - absolutely no chemicals, fragrances, synthetics or parabens! Your eyes are the first to show signs of aging - nourish and awaken those eyes with this luxurious Moroccan Coffee Eye Cream made with caffeine and other high quality and effective natural ingredients for aging eyes.

This proprietary formula, exclusively for Athar'a customers is made with pure Moroccan Argan oil, Avocado, Shea Butter, Coffee Arabica Green Tea and lots of love! Loaded with antioxidants, protein and vitamin e - this luxurious cream will provide intense hydration while increasing elasticity and reducing wrinkles and dark circles.

· Caffeine from Coffee Seed Oil and Green Tea to provide anti-inflammatory benefits and reduce dark circles and puffiness

· The high content of vitamin E and antioxidants will regenerate the delicate skin around your eyes

· Organic Avocado and Organic Moroccan Argan Oil soothe and nourish the delicate eye are, while softening lines and wrinkles

What you get: 0.5 oz Glass Jar of 100% Natural, Organic, Vegan Eye Cream

Smells like: Coffee (very light scent). The coffee scent comes from the real coffee seed oil that the cream is made with, we do not add artificial fragrances.

Directions for application: Apply a pea sized amount to orbital bone every night. For Best results keep this eye cream in the fridge. It will be nice and cool to soothe tired eyes and will also keep your all natural eye cream fresh.

Ingredients: organic shea butter, organic avocado oil, organic Argan oil, coffee seed oil, vegetable glycerin, organic lavender oil, organic sage oil, organic chamomile, organic aloe, organic coconut oil, organic hemp seed oil, green tea, vitamin e

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